Why limit it to just horns? Enjoy these crossing bell sounds that will spice up any grade crossing you set up today!
bell.wav bell.wav
Size : 2734.463 Kb
Type : wav

This bell is a GS type 2 crossing bell. This e-bell is perfect for most railroads and is very common. 

bell 2.wav bell 2.wav
Size : 855.043 Kb
Type : wav

This bell, on the other hand, is a  Safetran type 2 e-bell. It is very close to the GS type 2 bell, but is used by different railroads in different regions.

How to install:
- Find the desired grade crossing asset in Content Manager.
- Right-Mouse Click on it, and select Edit > Edit in Explorer
- Once the explorer window opens, copy and replace the old bell.wav with ours.
- Note, if the crossing uses a different bell sound file name than ours, just rename the one we provided to that and copy/replace it.
- Finally, exit the window and commit the asset. (CTRL + M or Edit > Commit) 

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