We range from various horns, like Nathan series, and Leslie series. the available hornsounds are only part of our collection; throughout time you will find numerous of horns ready to be used on your desired locomotive

NEWS!!!! These horns DO WORK for TS12 SP1
(3/5/13) - New Nathans! : Nathan N3 + Nathan K5LA 1f, 1g + Nathan K5HL 2004 #2! 4 new amazing horns for you to enjoy!

NEWS (3/5/13) - Updated Website Organization, and KUID List page. New Horns! : Nathan K5L 2 + Nathan K3H VIA Rail 2

NEWS - New route by Trucks91- Midwest Lines Version I and updated version of Missouri Lines

NEWS - 17 New Horns Available

NEWS - Nathan K3L Pack of 15 added to 100 Horn Challenge now Available

Here you will find some of the rarest, coolest, and greatest quality horns for Trainz Simulator 2009, 2010, and 2012

Exotic Sports Cars from Enzo1 for TS2009 and above:

Ferrari 288 GTO.cdp Ferrari 288 GTO.cdp
Size : 1332.774 Kb
Type : cdp
Lambo LP670 SV.cdp Lambo LP670 SV.cdp
Size : 2681.288 Kb
Type : cdp
Porsche 918 spyder.cdp Porsche 918 spyder.cdp
Size : 2782.983 Kb
Type : cdp
Saleen S7.cdp Saleen S7.cdp
Size : 449.734 Kb
Type : cdp
Lamborghini LP700-4.cdp Lamborghini LP700-4.cdp
Size : 4850.479 Kb
Type : cdp
Ferrari 458.cdp Ferrari 458.cdp
Size : 1388.095 Kb
Type : cdp
Pagani Zonda Cinque.cdp Pagani Zonda Cinque.cdp
Size : 3129.781 Kb
Type : cdp
Nissan GTR.cdp Nissan GTR.cdp
Size : 751.595 Kb
Type : cdp

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